Types of Web Hosting with details

Shared Hosting

There are many types of web hosting, but we will explain some common types of web hosting. If you don’t know about web hosting then first please read our article about web hosting.

Shared Hosting

Shared hosting is perfect and cheapest hosting where your website will be stored on the same server as multiple other websites. With a shared hosting plan, all domains share the same server resources, such as RAM (Random Access Memory) and CPU (Central Processing Unit). However, because all resources are shared, the cost of shared hosting plans are relatively low, making them an excellent option for website owners in their beginning stages. 
In a shared hosting space, the host puts hundreds or even thousands of users on a single server. It’s likely that each user has more than one site, and that means one shared server can house thousands of websites.
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Some types of shared hosting
Reseller Hosting: Reseller hosting is a type of web hosting which you can resell to your own customers. In reseller hosting, many websites are stored in the same server with share resources like shared hosting. Reseller hosting doesn’t require much skill and cost less investment for starting own web hosting business.
If you are interested to start your own web hosting business, then you can start with very low investment by joining our reseller hosting plan.

Business Hosting: Business hosting is a type of web hosting where some websites are stored in a same server like shared hosting but business hosting is best for speed and high resources because in shared hosting thousands of websites are stored in a single server however in business hosting hundreds of websites are stored in a single server.
With our business hosting plans you will really enjoy high speed hosting with non-stop bandwidth, it’s starting $6.99 per month only with free domain name.

Managed Hosting: Managed hosting is a combination of technology and support. It’s entrusting your website, the applications that run your business to a third-party supplier. That third-party supplier manages the administration, management, and support of your site’s infrastructure that is housed in a data center owned by the provider. The company employs a skilled team of professionals who will be taking care of your site for you. 

A hosting provider will help you perform the essential IT tasks that you can’t or don’t have the time to complete. Or maybe you lack the resources to perform this complex work in-house. Whatever your reason, the provider will continually manage and optimize your site’s infrastructure.

Virtual Private Server (VPS) Hosting

A VPS hosting plan is the ultimate middle ground between a shared server and a dedicated server. It’s ideal for website owners that need more control, but don’t necessarily need a dedicated server.

VPS hosting is unique because each website is hosted within its own space on the server, though it still shares a physical server with other users. While VPS hosting provides website owners with more customization and storage space, they’re still not able to handle incredibly high traffic levels or spikes in usage meaning that the site performance can still be affected by other sites on the server.

VPS hosting is used by website owners who want dedicated hosting but don’t have the technical knowledge needed. VPS hosting offers the cost benefits of shared hosting with the control of dedicated hosting. A great choice for advanced users and those that want specific software and package installations.

Dedicated hosting

Dedicated hosting gives website owners the most control over the server that their website is  stored on. That’s because the server is exclusively rented by you and your website is the only one stored on it. This means that you have full root and admin access, so you can control everything from security to operating system that you run. However, all that control comes with a price.

Dedicated servers cost are one of the most expensive web hosting options. Typically, they are used by website owners with high levels of website traffic, and those who are in need of complete control of their servers. In addition, a high level of technical expertise is required for the installation and ongoing management of the server. 

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