The Acceptable Use Policy of Hostingest and its subsidiaries (the “Company”) that governs the Customer’s (the “Customer”) use of the Company’s grid container services and products (the “Services and Products”) is outlined in this document. Hostingest is committed to providing top-notch service at an extremely reasonable cost. The following conditions must be met for us to fulfill our legal and ethical obligations while continuing to provide the best service possible to all of our customers. We have been delivering the power of the web to any organization that needs it for more than a decade, cutting through the frustration of technology that doesn’t work right and poor service. Your account may be suspended or terminated, or Hostingest may take any other appropriate action, if you violate the AUPs. The Policy is subject to change at any time by us. When determining what constitutes a violation of any of these provisions, Hostingest will be the sole authority.

The primary goal of Hostingest is to provide our customers with the resources they need to reliably launch their internet services in a lightning-fast, high-availability environment that is responsive to each client’s specific requirements. Your hosting agreement with us includes this Acceptable Use Policy, which includes the following list of prohibited activities. Hostingest has the right to cancel or suspend your account at any time for violating any of the terms of this AUP. If a criminal violation is suspected, we will investigate incidents involving such violations and cooperate with law enforcement.

The customer is ultimately accountable for the security of each server. The scripts that each Customer runs on the Hostingest servers must be patched with the most recent security updates with reasonable care. An outside source may compromise your account’s security if you don’t take reasonable precautions to protect it. Content is not under Hostingest’s control.

Some examples can be found on this list. Hostingest’s services can only be used in legal ways. When using Hostingest’s services, users are prohibited from engaging in, encouraging, or promoting illegal, abusive, or irresponsible behavior, such as:

Denial of service (DDoS) attacks Pornography Malware or virus storage Illegal activities, such as Ponzi schemes, pyramid schemes, phishing, scam websites, and pirating software Any form of file hosting, file storage, file sharing, cyber locker, or similar activity is prohibited. IP spoofing IRC egg drops Script use 100% CPU Resource intensive scripts (CPU, I/O, Network) Fraudulent site BOT script use high resource Spammer & Spam Script You may, You are aware that bandwidth, connection speeds, and other comparable capacity indices are caps. If we consistently exceed these capacity numbers, we may have to restrict your use of the Services. If your use of the Services or customer support exceeds that of customers in your situation, you agree that we may restrict your access to those services.
Sites for file upload, sharing, backup, mirroring, distribution, and archive.
Sharing account resources, either for no cost or for a fee.
File and image dumps.
Storing material protected by copyright that you are not the owner of.
Storing media or content that has nothing to do with an active website.
Video sharing storage.
Sharing MP3 files.

Unsolicited commercial advertisements (also known as “SPAM”) are prohibited in email and will probably result in the termination of service. Hostingest has zero tolerance for SPAM that comes from its servers or advertises domains that are hosted within our network. Your account may be suspended if found; if nothing is done within 24 hours, your account will be terminated and there will be no refund.

You agree not to use weak passwords for any services running on standard ports. If your server is compromised because of a weak password, your service will be suspended immediately. A password must include at least one special character, one upper case letter, one lower case letter, and one number for it to be considered acceptable.

Hostingest allows adult-oriented content that is deemed legal in the country and state where your services are located. This content must be at least 18 years old. No child porn is permitted. Any content Hostingest deems offensive or illegal may be requested or removed.

Depending on the severity and length of the violation, Hostingest may take any of the following actions if it learns of an AUP violation;
Removing the offensive material.
Removing the infuriated user from the services.
Removing the user who broke the rules from the services.
In accordance with the applicable service contract, imposing fees or charges on the offending account.
Taking any other action required by law, the applicable service contract, or this AUP.

We reserve the right, at our sole discretion, to refuse, cancel, or suspend service. If an account continues to violate our policies after receiving warnings, this constitutes refusal of service. Problems with spam or script abuse are especially subject to refusal, cancellation, or suspension of services. If a customer becomes extremely unreasonable, unprofessional, extremely difficult to work with, or threatening, this is another example of service being refused. The customer’s account will be frozen, and we’ll tell them to look for a new host. The account or accounts will be backed up.

By accepting service from Hostingest, a customer agrees to ensure that its customers, representatives, or end-users adhere to this Policy. Each Hostingest customer is responsible for the activities of its users. A complaint about a Hostingest customer’s customers, representatives, or end users will be sent to the customer’s postmaster for action. Hostingest reserves the right to terminate a customer’s services or take any other action Hostingest deems necessary to prevent the offending customer from violating our Acceptable Use Policy in the event of a violation.

The most recent update to these Use Policy was in February 2023.