We make every effort to provide services that consistently exceed your expectations because we recognize that our clients need high availability. The following service levels are intended to guarantee maximum uptime and maximum performance. The service to which it applies, the service level that applies, and the method by which service credits are calculated for each service are all specified for each service level.

Hostingest Networks offer a 99.99% guarantee of network uptime and a reactive hosting service for all websites. We don’t always check the websites we host to make sure they work right because website functions can be affected by regular use, maintenance, and software updates. Therefore, it is the client’s responsibility to ensure that their website functions properly. Support for “always on” and “managed hosting services” can be provided and priced individually.

Hostingest guarantees that in any given month, both its power and services will be available at all times. For each hour of downtime (or portion thereof), you will receive a Service Credit equal to five percent (5%) of the Net MRC.

The “Replacement Guarantee” stipulates that once Team Hostingest has identified the malfunctioning hardware or services, Hostingest will replace or repair any defective component at no cost to you within one hour.

Hostingest is able to offer its clients a 99.99% Network Uptime Guarantee as a result of our extensive network infrastructure. Hostingest will give customers a credit of 7% of their base monthly service fee for the first hour of downtime and an additional 5% for each hour of downtime thereafter, up to a maximum of 85%, in the event that any service does not experience 99.99% uptime in a given month. Hostingest will not take into account any emergency scheduled downtime for this downtime or credit calculation. Hostingest’s network uptime is the subject of this guarantee, not the hardware, software, or services running on a customer’s server. When the client submits an SLA credit request, account credits will be issued. Within five days of the incident, all credit requests must be made. A support ticket must be created for each credit request.

Unless caused by direct negligence, Hostingest cannot be held liable for server downtime or data loss, including but not limited to the following;

i) Events beyond Hostingest’s reasonable control, such as government actions, war, insurrection, sabotage, embargo, fire, flood, failure of third-party software, inability to obtain the raw materials, supplies, power, or equipment required for the provision of the Hostingest SLAs, or interruption or delay in telecommunications or third-party services;

ii) Inability to access circuits that connect to Hostingest’s Network, unless Hostingest alone is to blame.

iii) Upgrades and scheduled maintenance as well as emergency maintenance. Hostingest reserves a maximum of one hour per month for server maintenance.

iv) DNS issues beyond Hostingest’s direct control.

v) False SLA violations that are reported as a result of errors or outages in any uptime monitoring system maintained by Hostingest.

In the context of hosting services, the term “Net MRC” refers to the affected hosting service’s monthly recurring charge for the affected configuration, excluding any add-on or optional services that are included in the customer’s monthly recurring charge but are not part of the standard hosting plan. If applicable, your Net MRC for Cloud Services will be based on your usage of the affected service in the previous month or, alternatively, your average usage of the affected service, prorated.

Hostingest provides free, fully managed technical support to the primary technical contact for account setup on one or more Hostingest servers, access, and other server-related issues. Support agents are available via Live Chat, Support Ticket, Phone, or E-mail, as listed in the support section of the company’s website. Our servers are monitored seven days a week, 365 days a year. Please send us a message with the Customer’s account username and a comprehensive description of the issue. Please refrain from sending multiple messages regarding the same problem. Problems with email should be sent to the appropriate email address listed in the support section of the company’s website.

Hostingest provides technical support on a first-come, first-served, “best effort” basis, unless otherwise specified in a supplementary service level agreement. We try to respond to all emails sent to our advertised support address ([email protected]) within one business day, if not completely. In the event of high demand or staff sickness, we may defer to an answering service, where we promise to return all messages as soon as possible. Although we aim to answer the phone during working hours.

The most recent update to these Service Level Agreement was in February 2023.